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5 Essentials You Wouldn't Think to Pack on Summer Vacation

Those summer vacation plans are coming to fruition and you’re counting down the days until you pack up and head out your front door for some much-needed R&R. No matter where you’re venturing to, you’re going to want to feel comfortable – and what’s more comfortable than home? No, we’re not suggesting you pick up your home and have it transported to your favorite vacation spot. That would be ridiculous, but also kind of cool. What we are suggesting is a few must have items to add to your packing list from home. These may not be traditional items on your list, but trust us, you’ll be grateful you brought them along for the journey.

  1. Favorite candle – They say scents, memories and emotions are often intertwined. This is because your olfactory bulb that processes scents take a direct route to the limbic system which is responsible for memory and emotion. This easy to pack essential can make you feel right at home!
  2. Water bottle – Hydrating is key. We all know that. Packing your own water bottle will not only help you stay refreshed but also help save the planet if you’re into that kind of thing. Plus, more and more places are becoming water bottle friendly, and by that we mean access to refill that vessel up!
  3. French press – Depending on where you’re headed or staying, making your own cup of coffee in the morning may be an option. If it is, we suggest packing that French press and hitting up the local coffee shop and getting some ground beans to use for the next handful of days.
  4. Neato robot – For that lengthy vacation at your summer home or Airbnb, consider taking your intelligent robot vacuum for the road trip. Easy to set up (just be sure you have access to Wi-Fi), your Neato can help keep your home base clean while you enjoy your time off.
  5. Pillowcase (or pillow) – A good night’s sleep is vital to an enjoyable vacation. Having that familiar textile next to your face or even the pillow form that you’re used to can make all the difference. 

Now, this is just a short list of five items. And though we hope that you added something from this to your packing list, we’ll be happy if this at least sparked some new ideas for those unconventional essentials for your next vacation.

 Bon voyage!

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