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The Must Have Neato Accessory for All Pet Parents

An exorbitant amount of hair and fur are inevitable when you own a pet. We get that. Which is why we designed a brush for our robot vacuums that will allow you to stress less about the hair and fur stuck in your vacuum’s brush and more on cuddling up to your furry friend.

Our Neato Pet/Hair Multi-Surface Brush can clean up both human hair and pet fur minimizing getting clogged or tangled. No, you don’t need your eyes checked. You read that correctly. This brush can be used on a variety of floor surfaces and will maintain optimal cleaning quality.

If you’re wondering how this works, us marketers had the same question. We asked our product engineering team to explain it to us in laymen's terms so we can share it with you. With two significant design improvements to the brush, this new brush can accomplish its main goal of extracting more hair/fur and delivering it into the dustbin.

  1. Stiff Brush Body: The brush's body is more solid and rigid, which prevents the hair from being tangled deep into bristles and picks up more hair. In the other brushes, the brush body is more flexible, which lets the hair bend and get wrapped around the brush.
  2. Straight Bristle Alignment: The alignment of the bristle is improved, and this brush has parallel bristles. This means hairs won’t get trapped in the bristles.

Here at Neato, we are very excited to introduce your floors to this Pet/Multi-Surface brush. When designing this brush, we made sure to focus on ensuring that this brush doesn’t compromise efficacy while maintaining a tangle-free (and hassle free) clean.

Learn more about the Pet/Hair Multi-Surface Brush and get one for yourself.

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